Marketing & Analytics

Marketing your ecommerce website should begin while building your site, prior to going live. We incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques into the design. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) will be utilized once the site goes live.

An overall marketing plan will be created as we develop an understanding of your products and target market.

Appearing on the first page on Google and other search engines has become a science. This can be accomplished in both the free organic search results, as well as paid search (PPC, Pay Per Click or Google Adwords). We have experts who specialize in effective paid search campaigns.

VIA can also develop email and social media campaigns.


The ability to gain information about your website traffic and customer behavior is critical in helping to improve your site experience.  Google Analytics is a free tool that we can easily set up to gather and track valuable customer information.

Understanding how to sift through this information and generate reports to make site adjustments is essential in having a successful ecommerce website.